Palestinian Heritage Foundation 

Newsletter of the Palestinian Heritage Foundation
  Volume 16,  No. 2                              August, 2010        

نشرة مؤسسة التراث الفلسطيني

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coming out November 2010:


Origins and Evolution

By Hanan Karaman Munayyer

A Celebration of
An Enduring Palestinian Tradition:
Patterns, Colors and Stitches

This book is the culmination of Hanan’s research for the past twenty three years. It reflects the historical and cultural richness of Palestine and the Arab world through costumes and embroidery.

Hanan’s study commenced with scholarly exploration into art history, archaeology, the interpretation of ancient patterns, and the history of costumes and craft in the Middle East over the last 4,000 years. It includes extensive field research and the culling of museum resources and publications from around the world.

The book presents the most exhaustive and up-to-date study of the origins of Palestinian embroidery and costume—from antiquity through medieval Arab textile arts to the present. It documents the evolution of costume and the textile arts in Palestine in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries region by region.

Distinguished by boldness of color, richness of pattern, and diversity of style, and combined with great needlework skill, these textiles have long played an important role in Palestinian culture and identity and manifested themselves in every aspect of Palestinian life. These enduring patterns revealed a language—a script of individual motifs that women embroidered into their costumes to express their creativity—that was sustained from generation to generation. This rich repertoire of ancient patterns that has survived through these costumes is as relevant a source of historical data as any archaeological find.

The book is lavishly illustrated with over 600 full-color photographs from the Farah and Hanan Munayyer pristine collection, including a range of embroidered textiles from traditional costumes and coin headdresses of Palestinian village women to cloaks and jackets worn by village men to belts, sashes, and footwear. The exquisite colors of the silk stitching on natural linens are a feast for the eye.

The sumptuous photography and the author’s well-informed text greatly enrich the appreciation of Palestinian embroidery and make this book a valuable resource that displays this unique art in all its splendor.

HANAN KARAMAN MUNAYYER, a Palestinian-American, is co-founder and president of the Palestinian Heritage Foundation. She has researched and lectured on Palestinian textile arts for over twenty years. Hanan is also a retired molecular biologist who worked in pharmaceutical research for more than three decades.

Courtesy of Interlink Publishing

Origins and Evolution

10”x 14″• 448 pages • full-color photos • maps
Hardback . $150.00

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Palestinian Heritage Foundation
P. O. Box 531
West Caldwell, NJ 07007-0531

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Make check or money order payable to PHF and mail to above address.

A Special Autographed

“Limited Edition”

will be offered to those who
support the Foundation with a contribution of $500.00

Author Hanan Karaman Munayyer (right), and Farah Munayyer, co-founders of the
Palestinian Heritage Foundation next to the book poster displayed by the Publisher
during the ADC convention held in Washington DC. June 4 to 6, 2010
Photo courtesy of Hildi and Michel Moushabeck
The Palestinian Heritage Foundation
would like to express its appreciation and gratitude for
the generous support of institutions and individuals
towards the publication of this book.
A donors’ list will be published
in the December 2010 Newsletter


Wall Hanging Masterpiece is Here

Almost three years since the Palestinian Heritage Foundation had commissioned this innovative project to Najdeh Association of Beirut, the long awaited masterpiece wall hanging completed by Palestinian embroiderers in refugee camps in Lebanon arrived in the United States last week. The objective of this project was to generate work for Palestinian women embroiderers in the camps who desperately need financial assistance.

Four refugee women, Lina Abdullah, Rasmieh Abu Salem, Fatima Abu Salim, and Ghada Masrie (photographed below), residents of Miyyeh-w-Miyyeh and Ein el Hilweh refugee camps near Sidon in south Lebanon, have worked arduously for the past two years under the supervision of Ms. Khadijeh Abdel Al and her team at Najdeh Association to complete this stunning piece of art. The wall hanging is decorated with embroidered motifs copied from antique El Khalil-region dresses, scarves, pillows and other items from the Munayyer Collection.

The wall hanging is 180 cm wide and 250 cm long embroidered with DMC cotton thread on off-white linen fabric with crochet colorful tassels running down both sides.

ADC Honors Farah and Hanan Munayyer

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 Farah and Hanan Munayyer co-founders of the Palestinian Heritage Foundation were the recipients of the Hala Salaam Maksoud Award. This Award is given by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to members who have shown outstanding commitment and leadership within the community.

Mrs. Hania Salaam Othman, sister of the late Hala Maksoud presented the Award to the Munayyers in the presence of more than 300 ADC members during the Palestine luncheon at the ADC’s 30th Anniversary Convention held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  Guest speaker at this luncheon was Dr. Clovis Maksoud.

Three years ago Mrs. Othman was very instrumental in having the Hala Maksoud collection of costumes from several Arab countries donated to the Palestinian Heritage Foundation. Several costumes of this collection were on display at the renowned Kennedy Center during the historic three weeks festival, Arabesque: Festival of the Arab World as part of “Brides from the Arab World” which included 48 costumes from 21 Arab countries.                                                                                            To see the full presentation at ADC Palestine Luncheon go to, then click on ADC TV (right of screen), then scroll down the video list to “Presentation of Hala……Hanan and Farah Munayyer (Courtesy of ADC National).

To those who expressed their kindness and appreciation relative to the Hala Salaam Maksoud Award, whether by writing or calling we do thank you.

No doubt such kind words
will keep us going until we achieve
our goals,

Hanan and Farah Munayyer

Letters from across the globe in response to the

Hala Salaam Maksoud Award

Bravo and heartiest congratulations. Allah yekawikum keep it up.

Mariam Said, NY

Dearest Hanan and Farah,

Such a well deserved award!  Your love for Palestine, your commitment, and your great efforts are being duly crowned. You are a living testimony to what our history, culture and heritage are all about.

God bless you and give you many more years filled with joy and excellent health.

Samia Costandi, Bahrain



It makes me happy to know this. I bow to you both! And to dear Hala!

Naomi Nye, TX


My dear Farah and Hanan,

My sincerest congratulations on your very well deserved recognition by ADC.  You’ve been committed for so many years and have spent time and effort to promote our culture. I am proud to be considered as one of your friends.

I’m SO very pleased for you both. This award is long overdue. Congratulations!

Shawki and Katy Ibrahim, IN


Hanan and Farah, 

Congratulations.  This honor is well deserved.  You have worked quietly and methodically and you have produced “Excellence”. Your team work is exemplary and you are great models for all of us Palestinians to emulate.

Your love of our culture is contagious and you have been disseminating it near and far. You gained us so many new friends and many more to come. I am awaiting the publication of Hanan’s new book with great anticipation. Take time to celebrate. You have earned it well.

Siham Alfred, NJ


Dear Farah and Hanan –

Delighted for your well deserved recognition. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing.

Zuhair Suidan


Dear Farah and Hanan,

We are happy to learn that you received the Hala Salaam Maksoud Award. Our heartiest congratulations!  You worked hard at promoting awareness and understanding of Palestinian culture and traditions. You deserve such recognition.

With all our best wishes,
Agnes and Ellen Hanania, Jerusalem 


Dear Hanan and Farah,

Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award.  We know how hard you work for the Palestinian Heritage Foundation and its activities to promote understanding of the culture and people of Palestine as well as the Arab world.  We have always been honored to know you.

Dr. Eli and Joanne Curi, NJ


Dear Farah and Hanan

Marie and I were very pleased, if not surprised that you both received this honor. A thousand congratulations!  We have known you both to be a tireless and dedicated Palestinian Patriots, who strived with all your vigor to serve and represent the Palestinian people and Palestinian heritage.

Again our hearty congratulations. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Best wishes and regards,
Mustafa and Marie Shami, NJ


Dear Hanan and Farah

I am so happy that you are the recipient of the Hala Salam Maksoud Award. You really deserve it. You worked very hard for preserving our heritage. We are all so proud of you. Congratulation ,

Hania Salaam Othman. DC


Dearest Hanan and Farah,

Alf Mabrouk on this wonderful achievement. I feel as proud as both of you. You have really achieved something while we sit and smile. This must be a wonderful feeling in being to prove your challenge into this world.

I have passed your email to the young generation that I know to let them feel, “No matter how far away you are from home, you still can do something”.

Bravo, you are a great example.

Warm regards,
Susan Shawwa Khalil, UAE


Dear Farah and Hanan

Please accept my congratulations for the great job you have been doing.

Samih Darwazah, Jordan


Congratulations Hanan and Farah, no one and I mean no one we know here in the states deserves it more than you two. You have dedicated your life to the preservation of Palestinian Heritage and you are to be commended. Christine and I appreciate your efforts over these many years.

Best regards
Dean and Christine Hamdan, NJ


Dear Hanan and Farah

What an honor! I cannot tell you how proud we are of you and what you have accomplished.  Ed joins me in wishing you the absolute very best.  May God bless you and yours!

Best regards,
Arlene Assile, NJ

Congratulations Farah and Hanan !! This is so well deserved, no-one has done more to the community than both of you. I wish Alaa and I were able to come to DC to be there. We will be applauding for both of you.

All the best
Amal El Rafei, NJ


Congratulations Farah and Hanan.  Although I live in Australia, what you have done for Palestine has certainly reached our shores.  I just wish that one day I will have the opportunity of seeing your collection of costumes.  The award is well deserved.


Sonja Karkar, Australia


Dear Farah & Hanan,

You are the most deserving of the Hala Salam Maksoud Award. Amira and I are most proud of your accomplishments to keep our pride, culture and heritage alive. Our best regards to you, and we hope that our paths will cross again.

May God Bless
Elias and Amira Khreish, Las Vegas


Hanan and Farah

Heartiest congratulations for this well deserved recognition of your faithful and hard work all these years. Alf mabrouk!

Peter Abboud, TX


Dear Farah and Hanan

Congratulations, well deserved

Dr. Fayez and Hala Shamoon


Mabrook, Congratulations Hanan & Farah. You make us proud. Aida & I wish you continued success and good health

Aida & Assaad Abboud, Canada


Dear Hanan and Farah,

Congratulations on a well-deserved award.  

All the best,
Jane Adas


Dear Hanan and Farah,

Congratulations on this honor bestowed upon you by the National ADC, the Hala Salaam Maksoud Award. You’re well deserving of it.

Your friends, Yusuf and Annie Qutub


Alf maboruk and well deserved…

Albert Mokhiber, Esq. DC


Dear Hanan and Farah

I am very happy for you and very proud of both of you . This is well deserved !

Best regards
Reema Ali


Dear Farah and Hanan

I am delighted that your efforts are being recognized, and would like to congratulate you both for the honor that is well deserved.

All the best,
Eid Mustafa


Wooow!!!! Congratulations!! You and auntie Hanan deserve the best!!

Abeer Hazboun, Bethlehem


Dear Farah & Hanan;

Alf mabrook.. a very nice & well deserved award.

Taher Karaman, Haifa


Mabrook. Nobody deserves it better than both of you. 

Rima Nashashibi, CA


Well deserved!

Hussein Ibish, DC



You and Hanan deserve the best of recognition for your dedication and perseverance. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes to all,
Hadi & Suzan Barghash, CA 


Farah and Hanan – Congratulations on your award. 

Chris Cook


Great news and well deserved. 

George Hishmeh, DC


Dear Hanan and Farah, 

We are proud of the ADC recognition bestowed upon you for the lasting contributions you are making for keeping our Palestinian heritage alive.

Alf mabrook.
Aref Assaf, NJ


Congratulations to you both!  

Sandra Shatilla, Canada


Dear Hanan and Farah,

What welcome and long deserved good news!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Elias and Barbara Hebeka, NJ


Dear Farah and Hanan,


All the best!

Fouad Abboud & Family, Jordan


Dear Farah and Hanan,

Our heartfelt Congratulations for an Award well deserved. We are proud of you and keep the outstanding work.

Rima and Leila  C. Bordcosh, NY


Congratulations you two ! You sure deserve the recognition for all your hard work and commitment.
MABROUK we’re so happy for you!

Huda and Jeff, MI


Hi Farah and Hanan,

Congratulations…! We are pleased as much as you are. You deserve the best for your dedication and sincerity to  your cause.

Hussein and Janette Ibrahim, Jordan


Dear Hanan & Farah:

Mabrouk.  I hope to be at the Convention to congratulate you personally.

John Mahoney, NY


Congratulations Amo & Auntie! VERY WELL DESERVED AND LONG OVERDUE! God bless and wishing you continued success, health and happiness! I love you both!

Nuha Matari, NJ


Dear Hanan and Farah,

Hearty Congratulations for well deserved recognition. My respects and admiration,

Samia Halaby, NY


Dear Hanan and Farah,

Congratulations, and KUDOS  to both of you.  You have done well, and you certainly deserve all the accolades.

Warm regards,
Virginia and Henry Apelian, NJ


Alf Mabrouk to both of you – well deserved!

Thank you,
George Mitwasi, NJ



I just received the good news from ADC. Congratulation to both of you. Certainly well deserved . You both make us proud. God bless you.

Dr. Adel Afifi, UT


Congratulations!  The award is well deserved.  We look forward to seeing you and Hanan in Washington.

Mary and Assad Jebara, NJ


Dear Hanan and Farah

Alf mabrouk on this wonderful recognition! I am so happy to share in your very good news!!

Helen Zugaib, DC


Alf Mabrook! you both deserve this award and recognition. Thank you for doing this amazing work of which our communities are proud….a great example for us- take action however you can and keep doing the work!

With best wishes,
Renda, CA


Dear Farah and Hanan,

ALF MABROOK. An honor well deserved! You make all Palestinians proud of your commitment and accomplishments.

With respect,
Rizek and Alice Abu Shar, Jerusalem


Hanan and Farah

You certainly deserve this recognition for all your good work.

All the best.
Riad Nasser, NJ


Congratulations Hanan and Farah! Your hard work is indicative of your effort to keep our Heritage and Culture alive.

You deserve it!

Alf Mabrook.
Bishara El Masri, NJ


Congratulations. We are very proud of you and wish you all the best for the important work you are doing in preserving and promoting Palestinian culture. Good luck.
Arwa and Adel Dajani, Jordan


Dear Farah and Hanan,

Our most sincere congratulations on receiving the Hala Salaam Maksoud Award.  Most well deserved. All the best! 

Heidi Loh, NJ


Palestinian Costumes & Embroidery: A Precious Legacy

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