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Newsletter of the Palestinian Heritage Foundation 

    Volume 17,  No. 2                            September, 2011    

نشرة مؤسسة ألتراث ألفلسطيني 


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The Fabric of Palestinian Identity

Click the  link below to read more from Hussein Ibish's review of the book "Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution" in NOW Lebanon.


Another review by Dr. John Mahoney Executive Director of Americans for Middle East Understanding



The American Task Force on Palestine

Honoring Hanan Munayyer 



Dear Hanan,                                                                                                                                        June 30, 2011

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) I am honored to invite you to accept an Award from ATFP for Excellence in Arts Scholarship, to be presented at our 6th Annual Gala on October 19th at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, D.C.

This year the theme of our gala is: "Honoring Heritage, Embracing Originality." We will take the opportunity this year to showcase our Palestinian culture by celebrating and expressing public appreciation for talented Palestinian Americans, like you, who have enriched our country through your unique achievement.

Your book on Traditional Palestinian Dress is a remarkable scholarly accomplishment. Your work not only is a major contribution to preserving Palestinian cultural heritage, but also building bridges with our fellow Americans.

We greatly look forward to honoring your invaluable contribution to the advancement of the Palestinian-American community and our country through your tireless effort and significant achievement.


Ziad J. Asali, M.D.


"Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution"
by Hanan Karaman Munayyer is chosen as
Book of the Month
in the August 2011 issue of 'This Week in Palestine'.
Coverage below.



Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution

By Hanan Karaman Munayyer
Published by Interlink Books, May 2011, 560 pages, $165.00.

This book is a celebration of the enduring Palestinian tradition of embroidery with its rich patterns, colours, and stitches. It contains over 700 superb high-
resolution photographs from the pristine Munayyer Collection. Most importantly, it presents research into the ancient history of Palestinian traditional dress and embroidery that has never been published before.

What are the origins of the style of dress, patterns, and stitches? This book presents the most exhaustive and up-to-date study, from antiquity through medieval Arab textile arts to the present. The author’s meticulously documented work regarding the historical evolution of this beautiful art reflects twenty years of research that commenced with scholarly exploration into art history, archaeology, the interpretation of ancient patterns, and the history of costumes and craft in the Middle East over the last 4,000 years. It includes extensive research and the culling of museum resources and publications from around the world. Special attention is paid to the evolution of embroidery in the Arab world from the ninth to the fourteenth centuries. Samples of these ancient embroideries, taken from several museum collections around the world, are included in the book.

This rich textile arts tradition was an important economic component of trade with Europe in the medieval age that left its direct impact on Eu
ropean textile arts and embroidery of the time, as documented in Western museums. Many of the patterns seen on regional embroideries in Europe from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries originated from these ancient Arab patterns. After the advent of the Ottoman era in the sixteenth century, this rich Arab textile tradition of weaving and embroidery was incorporated into the Ottoman repertoire of textile skills. The medieval Arab embroidery patterns and stitches were conserved and perpetuated in traditional embroideries of several Arab regions, as seen in contemporary embroideries of Palestine and other regions, such as Syria and Morocco.

Why was this information not more widely known in the Arab world? One of the main reason
s is that it had only been presented in specialized academic publications of several Western museums but not shared with the general public or the Arab world. In addition to supplying valuable information about textile history, this research debunks several myths, which originated from unreliable sources, about Palestinian style and old patterns. It also stresses the need for more extensive research into Arab sources of documentation, such as ancient manuscripts and museum textile collections.

The second portion of the book documents the evolution of costume in Palestine from the nineteenth to the early-twentieth centuries, region by region. Extensive full-page and detailed photography features the various embroidered dresses, jackets, veils, headpieces, jewellery, and other items. All regional dress styles of Palestine are represented, including Galilee, Nablus and Jenin, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Lydd and Ramleh, Al-Khalil, Gaza, and Al-Naqab. Attention is paid to regional style evolution, starting from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, including regional accessories. A special chapter focuses on jewellery, another on modern Palestinian embroidery, and yet another on some rare examples of art paintings in Palestine in the mid-twentieth century, part of a growing collection.

This book belongs in every personal library and should be gifted to family, friends, and educational institutions.
Images courtesy of the Munayyer Collection



Click Form Below


We invite you to acquire it for your personal library and to gift it to
family, friends, libraries and educational institutions.


Hardcover - 10" x 14" - 560 pages - Over 700 photos - Clam-Shell box
List price - $200
Price through Foundation - $165

Copies autographed by the author are available only through the Foundation.
Payable by check to "PHF" at the address below:
Palestinian Heritage Foundation
P.O. Box 531, West Caldwell, NJ 07007-0531

For shipping and handling within the continental United States, please add $10 per book.
For more information, contact




حنان منيٌر تعيدنا الى منبع ألشمس

بقلم : وليد رباٌح


جريدة صوت ألعروبة
 باترسون, نيو جيرسي

July 23,  2011


عندما يجتمع (الفرح ) و( الحنان) في بيت الزوجيه .. تدرك من النظرة الاولى للاسمين انهما يبحثان سويا عن اشياء كثيرة لا تستطيع لمسها باليد .. ولكنها تغوص في اعماقك بحثا عن شعاع يمر سريعا الى تجاويف واوردة قلبك الذي يدرك انها رحلة عمر تضوعت بحب الوطن .. ذلك الوطن القريب البعيد الذي يفوق حبه اي حب حتى ولو كان الابناء او الاقربون ..

الزوج يدرك انه يعطي الزوجة طموحا لا حدود له .. والزوجة تعطيه من روحها ما يدفعه نحو العطاء .. وبذا فان النتاج عملا مذهلا يشتركان فيه سويا بالفكر وينفذه احدهما مع كل ما يحمله من التعب والسغب والبحث حتى يصل الى مبتغاه ..

اعطتنا ألمؤلفة كتابا ( واي كتاب ) باللغة الانجليزيه سمته "الاثواب التقليديه الفلسطينية: نشأة وتطوٌر" أعطته من روحها ومن وقتها الشىء الكثير .. اذ دامت كتابته والبحث فيه خمسة وعشرون عاما .. ولنا ان نتخيل الجهد الذي بذل فيه .. خاصة وان ألسيدة حنان كانت وما زالت مقتنعة بان سرقة اثوابنا ألوطنية وطعامنا وتقاليدنا وأنتحالها من قبل سارق ألارض في عملية ممنهجة لاخفاء ذلك التراث التاريخي لوضع اليقين فيمن لا يقرأون او يعرفون ان المحتل هو الذي صنع ذلك ( الفولكلور) الذي يعيدنا الى منبع الشمس ..

قدمت ألمؤلفة لكتابها حول التراث الفلسطيني في مدينة الناصرة قبل شهرين تقريبا .. حيث اقيم احتفال في البلد الذي عاش فيه سيدنا المسيح وأصل فيه المحبة والكبرياء .. اذ اجتمعت ثلة من الادباء والكتاب لحضور الحفل واختتم الاحتفال فيه بكلمة سيادة المطران عطا الله حنا رئيس اساقفة سبسطيه للروم الأرثوذوكس واعتبره انجازا تاريخيا .. ومن ثم قدمت للكتاب ثانية  في العاصمة الاردنية وكان في مؤسسة دارت ألفنون .. ثم من بعد ذلك اقام نادي المدينة في نابلس امسية ثقافية فلسطينية تراثيه استضاف خلالها فرح وحنان .. اللذان يعيشان في الولايات المتحدة الامريكية وتعمل فيه حنان رئيسة مؤسسة التراث الفلسطينية  في نيوجرسي. وفي القريب ألعاجل سيعلن عن حفل توقيع ألكتاب في ولاية نيو جيرسي ومن ثم في مدينة نيو يورك. إضافة إلى أن ألسيدة حنان ستحاضر خلال شهر سبتمبر ألمقبل وتقدم لكتابها في حفل تتبناه ألجمعية ألثقافية لفريق ألعمل ألامريكي من أجل فلسطين بألتعاون مع سفارة دولة ألامارات ألعربية ألمتحدة في واشنطن. في نفس ألوقت ألذي قررت جمعية ألعمل ألامريكي ذاتها تكريم ألسيدة حنان بمناسبة صدور كتابها وذلك  في حفلها ألسنوي ألمقام في 19\10\2011

الكتاب يحتوى على اكثر من 560 صفحة من الحجم الكبير ويحتوي على صور تاريخية غاية في الدقة والاتقان اضافة الى معلومات تاريخية هامه .. ولقد امضى كاتب هذه السطور ليلة بكاملها لم يطعه النعاس والتعب الا ان يأتي على جزء كبير منه حتى شقشق الفجر .. ولقد اهداني إياه الدكتور سيف تيتي ذلك الرجل الذي له في الخير اياد بيضاء .

وللعلم  .. فان مؤسسة التراث الفلسطيني في نيوجرسي تقيم معارض تراثية فلسطينية في كافة الولايات الامريكية اضافة الى مؤتمراتها وندواتها.. وقد قامت المؤسسة بتكريم المفكر الفلسطيني الكبير ادوارد سعيد والمؤرخ الفلسطيني وليد الخالدي والدكتور كلوفيس مقصود وغيرهم الكثير . كما استضافت نيافة المطران فيليب صليبا ونيافة ألمطران عطا الله حنا والدكتورة حنان عشراوي وغيرهم من الشخصيات العربية في امريكا والعالم ألعربي لمرات عديدة .

الجهود التي بذلت من اجل انجاز مشروع هذا الكتاب مهما كتبنا من الكلمات لن نوفي ألسيدة حنان جهدها حتى ولا جزءا منه ..  لذا فاقتناء هذا الكتاب لما يحويه من معلومات هامة من الضرورات حيث قامت السيده حنان بجهد كبير واهمها انها جالت في مصادر كثيره في الدول العالمية والجامعات والمتاحف والمكتبات حتى وصلت الى هذا الانجاز الكبير ..

حبذا لو كان هذا الكتاب يفرد هامته في كل مكتبة وكل بيت عربي في امريكا .. واقتناءه يعني اننا لا ولن ننسى تراثنا العظيم الذي ابرزته لنا ألسيدة حنان بصورة زاهية تجعلنا نفكر كثيرا في هذا التراث الذي تركته لنا ألسنين وتكاثف عليه ألغبار فقامت ألكاتبة بنفض هذا ألغبار عن هامة هذا ألتراث وقدمته لنا في كتاب على صورة لم نشاهد مثلها في الكتب التي صدرت عبر السنين ..

تحية الى فرح وحنان .. وتحية نزجيها بالمحبة لكل من يقتني هذا الكتاب القيم .. فمن ينسى تاريخه لا مستقبل له .. ومن يدرك الجهد جيدا لا يمكن الا ان يبذل مثله .. فنحن بحاجة الى العديد من الكتاب الذين يثرون المكتبة العربية والاجنبية بالابداع ..

اخي العربي : اذا اردت اقتناء هذا الكتاب فاتصل بالاخ فرح منيٌر على رقم هاتف 6278-247-201 أو الايميل  



Feedback on “Traditional Palestinian Costume”
from Readers Across the World


My dear Hanan and Farah,

Heartiest congratulations for the stunningly gorgeous Palestinian Traditional Costume  just received and very many thanks for your kind and gracious inscription by which I was deeply moved.

This is a work of passionate commitment and unstinting dedication. Its comprehensiveness, density, elegance and sheer beauty are a tribute both to the subject and the author.

Future generations will remember you for the monumental achievement.

With great appreciation and affection,

Walid Khalidi


Dear Farah and Hanan,

The books arrived. Absolutely stunning!  It is impressive in every way, a magnificent statement of Palestinian identity. It is wonderful that together you have realized this high priority national heritage project. I am certain of its success, already evident in the demand for the book; but even more importantly because it provides an uncontestable record of our people’s rich and unique cultural heritage. Palestinians today and in generations to come will be thankful for what you have done. It is also wonderful that the contribution of Rolla Foley is so clearly recognised.

George Assousa, UK


Dear Hanan,

Our bookshop just got your new book in, and I just finished looking through it.  It is stunning!  Congratulations on this incredible project. You’ve offered so much good information and wonderful images.  It is going to serve as an important resource.  I just felt compelled to get in touch and say, congratulations!

Best regards,

Felicia Katz-Harris

Curator of Asian and Middle Eastern Folk Art
Museum of International Folk Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Dear Farah and Hanan,

We received the book Traditional Palestinian Costume– in its embroidered box! It is a magnificent work of deep love and surely among the most elegant artistic productions between two covers I have ever seen. We were all ooo-ing and ahh-ing when it arrived. Meeting this book is like opening a treasure box. On behalf of all of us at ASC, it is a privilege to have been a small part of your inspired, tireless efforts over so many years. Congratulations on your gift to the Palestinian nation, the Arab heritage and indeed the cultural legacy of the world.

We are very grateful for your generosity in making this gift to our library, where it will occupy a place of honor.

1000 mabruks.

Dick Doughty, Managing Editor, Saudi Aramco World


I just flipped thru Hanan's book on Palestinian costumes --- it is beautiful and rare accomplishment which I have never seen prior to seeing this book.  It really opened my heart.  This is not only an artistic accomplishment, but a historic documentation of the presence and life of the indigenous population of Palestine.  Since the Israeli's have taken over and adopted everything else that is Palestinian (e.g. houses, food, etc.), I wonder if one day they will also put on such costumes.  I need a few hours to focus on every picture and the write-up under it.  I can't thank you enough for this book. 

Huda Kraske

Dear Hanan and Farah,

We are overwhelmed by this colossal undertaking that you have taken. Hanan, the colossal production of this book is dazzling. What a crowning achievement Hanan. We are so proud of you both. I think Abu Mazen should get hold of this book, take it wherever he goes "marfou el ras" and give it to all heads of state he visits. This book is us, the Palestinians.

Thanks for sending this awesome book.

Drs. Lina and Charles Abboud


Dear Farah and Hanan,

Opening this book is like opening a treasure chest filled with precious jewels.  The lustrous photography, the detailed information and eye-opening insights -- each page celebrates the rich artistry and history of the region.  It's the perfect gift -- one that is sure to become an heirloom that families will pass along for generations to come.  My friends were thrilled to receive it -- and I can't wait to give it to the university library in my neighborhood!

Brenda Murad


Dear Hanan and Farah, 

As a Palestinian I want to thank Hanan and you for what you have done all these years and for this great book. A Palestinian treasure. Keeping our heritage is half of the battle, your work is as important as all the ones thrown in the intifadas. Our struggle is hard and long and we need to fight on many fronts. You definitely are winning on yours. Palestinian dresses are like the vanished villages and you are keeping them alive. It is the most precious book I have, it was my privilege to make a minimal contribution.

Thank you
Dr. Basel Yanes


Dear Hanan and Farah

The book has arrived. I so appreciate the work, knowledge and beauty of your publication, and am reading it carefully at every opportunity.  Thank you both for sharing both the word and the photographs of this amazing collection.  This truly is a masterpiece for all times.

Dr. Vivian Bull

Dear Farah and Hanan,
The book is absolutely magnificent.  We simply cannot get over the depth and beauty of it.  We have it out on the coffee table already.  Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Arlene and Ed


Dear uncle Farah

I am so proud of aunt Hanan's accomplishments. This is a lasting treasure; something we as Palestinians are all proud of and that Arabs as a whole can be as well.

Raniya Kassem

Dear Hanan,

This is not a book_ it is an encyclopedia! This is truly a masterpiece. It provides a holistic overview that links the history of Palestinian embroidery and art, with the trade and industry of the past few centuries not only in Palestine, but in the Levant as well.

The wealth of knowledge and richness of colorful material is awesome! The cover only befits the valuable content it holds. I think every Palestinian university or educational institution should have it as a resource. You made my neck stick out 90 feet tall!!



Dear Farah and Hanan,

It was such a pleasure meeting you in Amman during your tour to introduce Hanan's very impressive book .

I studied very thoroughly your wonderful documentation and enjoyed the first three chapters the most. Your in-depth research into the roots of embroidery proved beyond any doubt that our area is the origin of our own culture, something that very few were able to achieve.

I really do thank you on this wonderful achievement. The book with its beautiful pictures is an impressive production.
Best of luck on your future plans.

Siham Abu Ghazaleh
Head,Cultural Committee
Palestinian Culture Center
Amman Jordan


Dear Hanan and Farah,

My brother Nicola in Texas, as well as my children Nabeel and Lila in California, did receive the book and are in awe...  Thanks again for your hard work in sending this masterpiece to us all.

Love to all,



Hanan produced a masterpiece and I cannot get over the quality and excellence of this book.  Everything that Farah said about it is true. Naila joins me in sending our very best,

Ziad Asali


Dear Mr. Farah Munayyer,

I just want to thank you for the great work that you both have done. The book about our Palestinian heritage is marvelous.

I will be grateful if you can send me Mrs. Hanan's phone number and email address to thank her too for her effort and time spent to collect for us all the Palestinians heritage and preserve it in a wonderful book.

Best Regards
Margo Kawar Abu Rahmeh


My daughter was here this past weekend and together we looked at the book and read some of the background.  Both of us were awed by the beauty found in every page with embroideries that brought us back memories.  It is a treasure.

Carol Sutherland


Farah & Hanan

The book is incredible. An amazing work. You two should be so proud. I'm amazed and I helped with some of it! Don't know what to say except...congratulations!


Dear Hanan and Farah,

The book is an exquisite masterpiece. Sharon and I will treasure it.

John Mahoney
Executive Director (AMEU)


Dear Farah and Hanan,

The book is beautiful-truly a work of art!  We are honored to be a part of this wonderful endeavor!  

Much love,
Mary and Assad Jebara


Dear Farah and Hanan --

Wow! What an incredible, spectacular book. I've never seen anything like it -- so beautifully done and such a work of love. We will always treasure it.

Emily and Steve Ward


Dear Farah and Hanan,

The book is magnificent. We are thrilled to have it in our lives.

Ken and Yvonne Hill


Dear Hanan,

Your  book is BEAUTIFFULY written and presented. The colors came out vivid and most clear. Your tenacity and diligence and quiet contribution with humility is inspiring. Your contribution to this area of  the history of art and embroidery in Palestine will be enduring. What a work of scholarship for the love for Palestine. I will always treasure this book and share it with pride. 

Siham Alfred


Dear Hanan and Farah,

The book looks Royal. We can’t wait to spend time to go through this treasure.

All the best.

Dr. Adel Afifi


Dear Hanan,

It was lovely meeting you and Farah at Jacir Palace a couple of weeks ago. I understand that the ball is still rolling and your book is still making news. I wish you the best for a product we’re all proud of.

Sani Meo
This Week in Palestine


Dear Farah and Hanan,

Please accept my sincerest congratulations for the exceptional book on tatriz in Palestine. I sent the books to my mother and mother-in-law, and they each sat mesmerized for hours enjoying the fruits of your labor. You have made a major contribution to Palestinian Culture by so thoroughly chronicling our art, culture and history through our tatriz.

Your book will be on the coffee tables of all of us, and will be appreciated by generations of Palestinian Americans and their guests.

Very truly yours
George Salem


Dear Farah and Hanan,

I have been meaning to send you a message of congratulations after the Amman book signing but knew you were traveling and then I did the same.

It is a splendid publication and truly a major achievement.

Best from Amman,

Barbara A. Porter, Ph.D.
American Center of Oriental Research
Amman, Jordan


Dear Farah:

My three daughters loved the book. Thank U Farah and Hanan for promoting the Palestinian cause without bullets.

Dr Ibrahim Jalal (PhD)
Corporate Vice President,Technical Affairs
Amman, Jordan

Dear Farah and Hanan

The Book itself is a Documentary about our History and Culture. You and Hanan are a unique silent product of our society that makes us all very proud.

Safa Rifka, MD



Past Book Signing Events at the 2011 ADC Convention and Ramallah Federation Convention

Traditional Palestinian Costume: Origins and Evolution was well-received at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee National Convention in Washington, DC for the first of several book signings. An additional book signing occurred at the Annual Convention held by the American Federation of Ramallah several weeks after.

Several opportunities to have your copy signed by Mrs. Munayyer at live book signing events will be announced in the upcoming weeks.



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